"It was my very first time trying Laser Hair Removal. I thought it was going to hurt a lot, instead I felt next to nothing. Charmaine made me feel calm and comfortable throughout the whole session. She is very professional and knows what she is doing! Thanks again Charmaine!"

– Zoey


"My recommendation for Luminesce Skin Rejuvenation is, do not wait, go, go, go! Charmaine is professional, super clean and confident in her ability. I am very happy with the result. She designed the best microblading brows possible for my face. Her consultation was very knowledgeable on all aspects of the treatment. Her advices given was clear, helpful and she did not try to oversell her services. Since then, I also started vascular treatment on my legs. I am thrilled with the first treatment, she is very careful and detail oriented. A great experience all over."

– Jacynthe

"I have been dealing with numerous unsightly spider veins on my legs for many years, something I thought I had to live with. I recently found out that with today’s laser technology, not only could my spider veins be treated, but that they could be dramatically reduced.

In my very first treatment at Luminesce Skin Rejuvenation, I saw amazing results instantly. The treatment had a very mild sensation, and the myths about laser technology being painful were eliminated. I experienced no discomfort beyond my own comfort level. 

The atmosphere was professional, and Charmaine was friendly and attentive. I am continuing my treatments and look forward to having clear legs for the first time in many years."

– Roberta 


A quick note in follow-up to my treatment. Wanted to let you know that I am shockingly(?) surprised and so super happy with the results, My skin seems to look nicer with each passing day. It is noticeably smoother, clearer, and generally more glowy. The products feel great.
— Cindy

I think I LOVE micro needling Charmaine:) Can’t wait to do it again.
— Teresa

I was in about a month ago for a facial with you and my skin is doing amazing thanks to you and the Alumier products! I’m very happy! :) I am interested in ordering products online. Talk with you soon and thank you again!!
— Mahrisa

Before & After