Rosacea can be treated easily and effectively with Laser Genesis, one of the latest technologies in medical skin rejuvenation.*

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition caused by the swelling and inflammation of small blood vessels near the skin, usually on the face, especially on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Typical symptoms are redness and patchy skin, but can also include a stinging sensation. Sometimes rosacea can be mistaken for acne because it can eventually cause bumps and pimples as well.

Like acne, rosacea can have an impact on self-esteem, make us feel self-conscious around others, and make us avoid social contact and events that we would normally enjoy. Scientists are not quite sure what causes rosacea. Some of it may be genetic, as the condition tends to appear in family members. We do know rosacea can be triggered by behaviour and the environment: spicy foods, stress, sun exposure and alcohol can trigger rosacea or make it worse.

While rosacea cannot be cured, it should be monitored by a physician who may prescribe medication and guidance around triggers. But there is good news: the appearance of rosacea can be improved considerably with proper skin care and professional laser treatment.

Rosacea treatment at Luminesce

At Luminesce, we use Laser Genesis, one of the latest technologies in laser skin care, to help reduce the appearance of rosacea. We take a multi-treatment approach, including laser treatment sessions and specialized skin care. Using pulses of consistent, sustained energy, Laser Genesis works by heating up the blood vessels under the skin’s surface, effectively destroying them. The result may include reduced redness, smoother skin and improved appearance.*

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Case Study

Having suffered from rosacea for a long time, this Luminesce client came to us for a safe solution and plan to improve her complexion. With the combination of Laser Genesis and an AlumierMD skincare routine for at home, we are very pleased with these stunning results!

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