Relaxation Massage

Destress, unwind and be exquisitely pampered with a Relaxation Massage, complete with lavender hot towels for your feet, face and back. Choose your session, from 60 minutes to The Ultimate 90 minutes.

60 minutes - $110

75 minutes - $135

90 minutes - $155

LALICIOUS Sugar Body Glow

Luxuriate in a full-body exfoliation and polish using LALICIOUS Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub, finished with a soothing application of LALICIOUS Sugar Coconut, Sugar Kiss or Sugar Lavender Body Butter. You’ll be silky smooth and feeling yummy!

60 minutes - $110


Foot reflexology

Reflexology is a science and art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears. The feet, hands and ears are microcosms of the body, reflecting the entire body and all glands and organs. By applying pressure with specific thumb and finger techniques, reflexology will reduce tension, promote relaxation, increase circulation and bring the body back to balance/homeostasis. Working the feet triggers a reflex action in a corresponding part of the body. The body can then repair itself unhindered by the effects of stress. Reflexology brings oxygen and nutrients to the area where they are needed most. Session length is 60 minutes.

1 hour - $120

Ear reflexology

Ear reflexology is a therapeutic approach where stimulation is applied to the external ear to bring balance back to the body. The external ear has a rich nerve innervation and multiple connectors with the central nervous system. Every part of the body has an auricular correspondence. When an area of the body loses balance, corresponding points on the ear become painful or an irregularity (discolouration, spot, freckle, or mark) occurs. Ears have 90 reflexes that combine orthodox medicine, auricular therapy and traditional Chinese medicine. Session length is 30 minutes.

30 minutes - $70

Access Facelift®

The Access Consciousness Facelift® is an amazing process which can reverse the appearance of aging on the face and can create similar effects throughout the body using a soft, comforting, soothing touch and nurturing on your face and neck.

Also referred to as head reflexology, the treatment involves touching nerve centre points or pathways, where blood, nerves and lymph channels are found in close proximity. These pathways are found throughout your face, neck and head. By accessing these nerve centres, we receive healing benefits and relaxation, as well as energy that lifts and rejuvenates your whole body.

Benefits: Access facelifts® help with the emotional, physical and mental state of the body, lessen the effects of allergies and sinus issues, and help neck and shoulder issues. The skin on your face will feel tighter and softer and the appearance of scars and wrinkles will be minimized. A Botox alternative. Recommend in a series for best lasting results.

Session length 60 minutes - -$130

I feel so clean relaxed and beautiful today. So glad you’re back with old and new services. Hugs!
— Dee