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Luminesce Skin & Laser Clinic provides women and men with professional skin and body care solutions through the use of advanced technologies, laser therapies and pharmaceutical-grade skin care products to restore and enhance each person’s healthy glow.

Charmaine Shipley, the woman behind Luminesce Skin, has over 25 years of experience in the world of beauty and esthetics, including the last 7 years as a medical esthetician and cosmetic laser technician, with a number of leading dermatologists in both BC and Alberta. Her expert skin assessment skills allow her to propose the best treatments and products. She is dedicated to helping people love the skin they’re in and look and feel the best at any age!

“I believe in the products I offer and recommend. People don’t always need a lot of products, just the right ones to achieve the results they want.”

Through Luminesce, Charmaine offers advanced skin and body care treatments in a professional, relaxed, spa-like environment. Her mission? Extraordinary care, sound recommendations and trusted expertise. She hopes to help you feel the best in the skin you’re in.

In her leisure time, Charmaine enjoys the many outdoor adventures offered by Vancouver Island, including hiking, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, running, cooking and living a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys the joy of dancing, the peace from being by the ocean and playing in the garden. She values her family, community, friends and continues to be curious about embracing life and living to her full potential. 

Charmaine believes....

  • Youthfulness is a state of mind.

  • Ageless beauty is a feeling and can be achieved through self-care.

  • Beauty truly comes from the inside out.

  • Aging is 30% nature, 70% how we nurture ourselves.

  • Inspiring people to feel good about themselves and to see their own beauty is the
    greatest reward.

  • Exceptional customer service and complete integrity is the foundation of all
    good business.

  • Nurturing and valuing long term relationships is at the heart of the best esthetic businesses.

  • Honest recommendations based on clients’ needs and desires.

  • You can look and feel your best no matter your age or skin challenge.

  • Progressive, not aggressive, treatments produce the best skin rejuvenation results

Team Members

Vanessa Backlund - Certified Reflexologist and Access Facelift® Practitioner


Vanessa Backlund was born and raised in northern Saskatchewan. After a year of studying agriculture, she chose to follow a more adventurous path and has lived all over the world — New Zealand, Mexico, Zimbabwe, and Canada from Manitoba west to the coast, including the Yukon. She settled in Victoria in 2012.

“Throughout my life, I have had the opportunities to live and work in several places,” says Vanessa. “The skillsets I have learned through my travels are priceless gifts, and I am glad I can bring those gifts to my reflexology practise.”

The hard work in her own life led to struggles with neck and back pain, including two surgeries. Then one day, a friend suggested she try reflexology. She was so impressed with how well it worked for her, she decided to pursue a career in the healing profession.

“I believe life’s experiences are the stepping stones to move you to your next chapter, so I am grateful for my two back surgeries that brought me to the place to choose reflexology as my career,” she says.

The journey of learning is continuous, and Vanessa soon added ear reflexology and Access Facelifts to her services.

“Health is not only about the physical,” she says. “Your emotional state is a factor in your overall health.”

Laurie Wheaton — Certified Medical Esthetician, Makeup Artist, and Body FX Contouring Specialist


Laurie Wheaton started practicing as a skin care professional as a young girl, playing with her mom’s makeup, then learning how to follow a proper skin care routine through the struggles of teenage acne. By 2009, she had a diploma in esthetics.  

“After a few years in the spa industry, I noticed the skin care products and facial treatments I was performing weren’t advanced enough for the results I wanted to see,” says Laurie. “So in 2014, I took a medical esthetics program to expand my knowledge in the skin care world.”

At Luminesce Skin and Laser Clinic, in addition to her expertise in makeup, facials, and skin tightening, Laurie is known as “The Queen of Fat Burning” for her skills with Body FX Contouring. 

“Finding what works for my clients drives me to continue my education,” she says. “The joy that healthy glowing skin brings to clients is why I’m a skin therapist — I love to see them smile and love the skin they are in.”

Laurie is committed to reducing her carbon footprint and walks almost everywhere, uses all-natural cleaning supplies, restores furniture, and dreams of having her own farm, where she can grow her own food and raise chickens and goats. When she isn’t at the clinic, Laurie is most likely outside — camping, hiking, and walking her dog Sam.



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